Baby’s bath time is always more fun with toys. Thanks to that, the little ones associate the moment they spend in the bathtub with great moments of joy.

Playing in water also develops different abilities of the shoots, such as memory, attention, perception, and imagination.

Besides, the bathroom becomes a trustworthy space to enjoy with the family since, due to the stressful life that many parents lead, it is sometimes difficult to find an intimate space where they can have fun together.

Children start to enjoy this type of toys when they already manage to stay seated by themselves: at 6-8 months. His hands are no longer so flimsy, and they begin to comfortably hold the little puppet launchers, the swimming dolls, the soap bubbles, etc. There are endless possibilities with which bath time becomes a real party.

These recommended toys will not only become aquatic companions of the little ones but also promise to stimulate their imagination, creativity and even contribute to the development of their language, motor skills, and understanding of the environment. That is why if you plan to give a gift to a baby, pay attention to this list:

The following is the list of ten best-selling bath toys in 2020:

1. Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark


Battery-Powered Sing and Swim Bath Toy by ZURU – Baby Shark (Yellow)

Have a splash during bath time with

Baby Shark! Watch it swim and sing along as it plays the Baby Shark song!

  • Robo-Technology: Place Baby Shark in the water
  • Our water-activation technology brings the item to life! Then, as you put it into the water, you can sing along with your favorite Baby Shark as it plays the famous Baby Shark song.
  • Auto Switch Off: The toy comes with a 4-minute power save mode, where it turns itself off after singing the song for 4minutes. Pick it out of the water and drop back in to reset and sing along again! Batteries included.
  • Package Includes: 1 x Water-activated Baby Shark Bath Toy, 1 x Instruction Manual

Warning: This toy should be removed when the child begins to try to get up, using hands and knees to avoid possible strangulation damage.

For use under the direct supervision of an adult.

2. Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

  • Includes two fun characters and two whirly toys that spin and rattle
  • Each bubble helps stimulate baby’s sense of sight, hearing, and touch
  • Textured rings move freely around the bubbles
  • Bubbles float in water
  • Four plus months

These spheres have fun figures inside with characters in many different colors. These toys spin and rattle, stimulating your baby’s senses of sight, hearing, and touch.

They are ideal for making children have a great time while bathing, floating in the water like little bubbles in the air.

3. The First Years Disney Baby Bath


Squirt Toys, Finding Nemo

  • Colorful Bath Toys For Toddlers: These interactive toys visually engage toddlers
  • Squirt Toys: Squirting action for baby bathtime fun
  • Compact Size: Easy grip for little hands

Each pack contains three squirt toys – Nemo, Dory, and Turtle. These interactive toys from the characters in the movie Finding Nemo are visually appealing to young children. 

They are suitable for children from 6 to 18 months of age; they will make their baths very fun and enjoyable with these easy-grip toys.

4. Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

  • Characters float with magnets on top for easy fishing
  • Characters are airtight, helping to limit mold and mildew
  • Magnetic bobbers help develop hand-eye coordination
  • Care and Cleaning: Rinse With Warm Water, Wipe Clean, Hand wash, Air dry

This pendant designed for children’s play comes with a magnetic fishing rod and three characters that swing underwater. They float in the water and do not accumulate mold.

These toys are suitable for children 24 months and up and are easy to clean with warm water and then air dry.

5. Nuby Floating Purple Octopus with 3 Hoopla Rings Interactive Bath Toy

  • It helps develop hand-eye coordination for interactive play. Textured figures support touch.
  • Fun and bright colors and shapes stimulate the baby’s senses, and high contrast supports early development.
  • Float and catch fun with hoopla rings
  • Made from BPA free materials

This beautiful colorful toy has been designed as a floating octopus with three rings to pull the tentacles. With it, children will develop eye and hand coordination while having fun.

It is recommended for children 18 months and older, who will give your children lots of fun during bath time.

6. Dmeixs Baby Bath Toy Wind Up Bath Toys Turtle Bathtub Toys; for toddlers; floating toys; eco-friendly material; 3 pack

  • These toys bring a lot of fun. The lovely look and bright color will easy to draw your kids’ attention. Not only could the turtle bath toy swim in the water, but it can also walk on the floor. These cute turtle bath toys will give your kids more fun.
  • Great Design. These baby bath toys are the cute-looking and proper size for littles’ hands and tiny fingers. The spring is on the bottom of the small turtles.
  • Safe Material. Dmeixs bathtub toys are made of environmentally friendly plastic, safety, non-toxic, durable, and without color fading.
  • Good Buoyancy. The best swimming wind-up toy has a superexcellent buoyancy. Yes, we are excellent swimmers!

This set has certain advantages, such as enhancing the athletic ability of your babies by playing with these wind-up bath toys. Furthermore, your babies will fall in love with taking a bath.

7. Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

  • Penguin swims through water
  • Wind up arms and release to make penguin swim
  • Lightweight and easy for little hands to operate
  • Ages 9 and above months

One of the main advantages of this toy is that it encourages imaginative play; Play Patterns: Audio-Visual Stimulation; Hand-Eye Coordination.

8. Prextex Dinosaur Baby Bath Toys; 6 Piece Set for Baby and Toddler Bathtub Water Squirt Toys Dinosaur Party Favors

  • Prextex Dinosaur Baby Bath Toys Pack of 6 Dinosaur Figures Playset,
  • Perfect as Bathtub Toys, Dinosaur Party Supplies, Party Favors, Or Toddler Birthday Gifts
  • Made Of Soft And Safe Material And Lead-Free Colors Safe For Kids Of All Ages

What’s important is that these water toys will not lose their color.

9. Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train; 6 Pieces

  • Six boats float and link together to create a “little boat train.”
  • Boats have funny faces and are numbered 1-2-3 for counting, ordering and number identification games
  • Boats can scoop up water and strain when turned upside down
  • Lightweight and comfortable for baby to grasp

This set is perfect for hand + eye coordination and developing learning skills in general.

10. Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy

  • Can be used individually or create a chain to pour water through
  • Pipe suction
  • Includes five pipes with unique shapes and functions

Recommended ages: 12m+. The toy has no BPA or PVC.

Five tricks to get toddlers loving bath time


Children can sometimes be really hard to please – one day, bathing is their favorite activity, and the next – they cry if you only mention washing their hair. Turn bathing into fun with these five simple tricks.

If your little ones aren’t fans of bathing, it might be time to change something in your daily bathing ritual. There are many ways to help your child have a relaxing and fun time. We suggest a few:

  1. Home decorations can be of interest

There are plenty of items you own at your home that would entertain the kids while bathing. Start from the kitchen – you certainly have plastic cups, old spoons, and bowls, but look at the bigger picture. The kids would be delighted with the mixing wires, jars, tea strainer.

  1. Allow your little artist to create while bathing

It is forbidden to draw on walls, is it? However, allow your child to wax paint patterns on the walls of the tub. You can rinse the masterpiece with water afterward, and the good news is that the child will be too preoccupied to notice that all that foam is on his head.

  1. Add some alluring scent or color to the water

Clean and clear water is the best, but it’s not interesting enough for little boys. Always use baths and shampoos specially made for young children and sensitive skin, and make sure there are no strong chemicals in the contents. For a more exciting bathing process, you can use water-coloring pills to give your little ones a real party.

  1. Invest in new bath toys

Sure, ducks, sponges, and boats are your baby’s standard toys, but over time, they lose their luster and somehow become annoying. The cost of bathing toys is not high, and children will be delighted with their new comrades, and will, therefore, cooperate with you even while washing their hair.

  1. Swimming is more interesting for two

If your youngest has a sibling, bring them together to make a real family getaway. They will know how to entertain each other, and this will no longer be a problem for you. Nothing to worry about if your child is an only child, a doll can always serve well as a replacement for a buddy.

Benefits of bath toys


With the games in water, different capacities of the offspring are also developed, such as memory, attention, perception, and imagination.

Also, the bathroom becomes a place of trust to enjoy as a family because, due to the stressful life that many parents lead, it is sometimes difficult to find an intimate place to have a good time together.

Children begin to enjoy this type of toys when they can already sit by themselves: at 6-8 months. Their hands cease to be so flimsy and begin to quickly grasp the figurines, puppets, swimming dolls, soap bubbles, etc. A host of possibilities with which the bath time becomes a real party.

But what should be taken into account when choosing a baby water toy?

Important things to consider

  • Material. As with other toys, babies bite and suck bath games. That is why they must be safe, made of non-toxic or pointed materials, and that they are not dangerous to the baby’s health.
  • Resistance. Children’s water toys should have high resistance to moisture, shock, and baby bites.
  • Color. The striking colors are the most popular since they are attractive and arouse their interest.
  • Design. Experts advise choosing floating or activated toys with the help of water, to keep the baby distracted during tricky moments.
  • Security. Children’s bath toys must comply strictly with current safety regulations to prevent accidents, in addition to the CE mark. It is necessary to observe that they do not have loose pieces to avoid choking.

One tip: most of the rubber or plastic dolls have a hole through which you can fill/empty them when you squee.

Well, if you think you will not have enough time to dry them and empty them after each bath, it is preferable to opt for other types of toys.

Because if they are not taken care of properly, you can create inside a film of black and unpleasant mold that will go outside when the baby squeezes it again in the next bathroom.

An accessory that can be of great help is a ‘toy store.’ That is a network that attaches to the side of the bathtub. It is usually a perfect place to put all the dolls once the bath is finished. That allows them to drain slowly, so that excess water is removed.

Wash your little one’s bath toys


Don’t be fooled and think that since they are always in the water, you do not have to clean and wash them. These toys really must be thoroughly washed after each use.

Keeping toys in a dry place is very important, so we recommend that you purchase the appropriate bag exclusively for these toys. Every time after bathing, dry them thoroughly and leave in a bag. If not thoroughly dried, they can be a good base for hazardous bacteria and can cause a host of diseases.

Final Word

In this guide, we have included plenty of useful tips when it comes to bath time with your little ones. Also, we have covered the ten best-selling products on the market nowadays so that your baby can enjoy a bath to the maximum while learning and stimulating its senses!


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