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Although the Game of Thrones TV show ended in 2019, all the characters and themes connected to this George R.R. Martin masterpiece are still highly popular.

From costumes to books, the franchise is still alive and kicking, so today, we will take a look at some of the best Game of Thrones action figures toys you can find today.

Even before the TV show ended, fans of The Song of Ice and Fire were still anticipating the release of the final books, and with such hype, it is logical that all things related to the GoT are popular.

You can make a fine and valuable collection of action figures if you take some time to do research, and we are going to help you with that with a list of the best ones on the market. So, let us get started.

List of Best Game of Thrones Action Figures Toys

1. Funko POP Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen Vinyl Figure

Funko POP Game of Thrones_ Daenerys Targaryen Vinyl Figure

Coming from the POP store, this adorable vinyl figure of Daenerys Targaryen is one of the best-sellers currently on Amazon. The colors of the figure may vary, so do not get surprised if you get a bit different model than the one displayed in the product’s picture.

The product is cute, detailed, and will make a fine addition to your GoT figurine collection. The one tiny drawback is that this series rarely gets the hair color right; however, the details on the product are very good-looking, and if you are a fan of the franchise, this is a must-have.

The paintwork is very nice, and once you purchase one of these figures, you will realize just how addictive collecting them can actually be.

2. McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones Jon Snow Action Figure

McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones Jon Snow Action Figure

This picture-perfect portrayal in the action figurine of John Snow comes from the McFarlane Toys store. The similarities are uncanny since the product was created by the digital scanning likeness of Kit Harrington.

The figurine is a tribute to John Snow’s battle gear in Season seven, and it also comes with his legendary Longclaw sword and Dragonglass. John is in his House Stark armor and detailed accessories that are very well made with great attention to detail.

The figurine embodies the spirit of the character and comes with 12 points of articulation and dagger accessories as well.

3. McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones Arya Stark Action Figure

McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones Arya Stark Action Figure

This action figure accurately represents the Arya Stark character from the last couple of seasons of the TV show. The figurine boasts 12 points of articulation, and it looks fairly realistic since the manufacturer used a digital face scan of Maisie Williams.

The package contains Arya’s action figure with season seven outfit, her trusty sword, Needle, which John Snow gave her in season one, and the Dragonglass dagger, which Bran gave her later on used to kill the Night King.

The figure looks authentic and has an amazing likeness to the character from the TV show. The only problem is with the sword since the guard part is flat without the ring area cut out, but generally, the figure looks really good and is an excellent addition to any GoT action figure collection.

4. Funko Legacy Action: Game of Thrones Series 2- Jaime Lannister Action Figure

Funko Legacy Action: Game of Thrones Series 2- Jaime Lannister Action Figure

This action figure’s design also comes from season seven, and it accurately represents the character of Jamie Lannister. The figure portrays Jamie with the armor he used while he was the head of the Lannister army and served as the Hand of the Queen.

It is made of high-quality materials, and the paint job and attention to detail look truly astonishing. The figurine is part of the Game of Thrones Legacy Collection edition with a whopping 20 points of articulation.

Apart from the authentic Lannister armor, the figurine also comes with Jamie’s Widow’s Wail sword, which reminds us of the point in the show when he starts defecting from Cersei and starting his redemptive arc. The fact that the product is made of rubber meshing makes the whole design that much cooler.

5. Funko Legacy Action: Game of Thrones Series 2- Brienne of Tarth Action Figure

Funko Legacy Action: Game of Thrones Series 2- Brienne of Tarth Action Figure

Coming as part of the Funko Legacy Collection line, this action figure portrays Brienne of Tarth, who was one of the greatest hits and most popular characters throughout the last seasons of the show. The figurine has Brienne’s recognizable armor and 20 points of articulation.

Well-made and designed, this action figure comes in a package alongside Brienne’s sword, the Oathkeeper, one of two melted and forged from Ned Stark’s sword, Ice. The paint job is very nice, and the overall look of the figure is really authentic.

The face sculpt has a close likeness to the actress, and the armor and sword look are really spot on. Overall, this is an excellent action figure and a great addition for all GoT collectors and fans.

6. Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones: Hodor & Bran Figure

Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones_ Hodor & Bran Figure

When it comes to design quality and great attention to detail, this figure checks all the important boxes. The thing you can notice right out of the box is incredible likeness to Hodor with some realistic facial features. This is the tallest of all Dark Horse Game of Thrones figurines and a fine addition to the collection.

The bottom half of Hodor’s outfit might be more flexible, but this is strictly nitpicking. Design-wise, this figurine is closest to perfection, and it is obvious that Dark Horse really pays attention to the tiniest details when it comes to its products.

The figure stands 9 inches tall, and it is even slightly taller than Hound’s from the same manufacturer. Overall it is a great product and well worth checking out for every collector out there.

7. Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones: Tywin Lannister Action Figure

Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones_ Tywin Lannister Action Figure

Although this is a non-articulated figure, it faithfully captures the ruthless, cold, and cunning personality of Tywin Lannister. It also displays the likeness of Charles Dance’s face, and it is another amazing product from the Dark Horse store that does an excellent job in delivering only the best action figures out there.

This action figure is very well designed, the paint job is excellent, and the attention to detail is truly spot-on. This is the Hand of the King version of Tywin Lannister, where he wears his recognizable outfit with the Hand’s pin on his chest.

The figure itself is eight inches tall, and if you own a collection of Game of Thrones action figures, this will be a fine addition. It is a bit more expansive than some Funko Legacy pieces, but given the details it possesses, the figure is a worthy investment.

8. Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister Hand of The Queen Action Figure

Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones_ Tyrion Lannister Hand of The Queen Action Figure

This is another amazing piece that comes from the Dark Horse store, and it depicts the likeness of Tyrion Lannister in amazing detail. The figure looks so much like Tyrion from the show; you will notice it right out of the box. It is a highly detailed figure that stands at 5 ¾ inches tall.

This version of Tyrion’s figure was from the period when he served as the hand of the Queen for Daenerys Targaryen. The paint job of the figure is very well done, and the likeness of Peter Dinklage is captured in amazing detail.

The figure accurately captures Tyrion Lannister’s outfit during the time when he served as the hand of the Queen, and when you consider that price that is quite low for the quality you are getting, you should definitely add this one to your collection.

9. McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones Viserion Ice Dragon Deluxe Box, Blue

McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones Viserion Ice Dragon Deluxe Box, Blue

Coming from the McFarlane Toys store, this action figure boasts over 10 points of articulation, and it is beautifully designed. The figure accurately depicts the look of an undead dragon, Viserion, with a wingspan of 16.5 inches and measures 9-inch, 16.5-inch, and 10.5-inch when displayed on an elevated base.

The figure looks awesome, and right out of the box, you can see the attention to detail the manufacturer devoted. There is a removable burst of blue fire that adds even more to immersion, and the paint job looks absolutely stunning.

The base of the figure is snowy styled, and both wings are posable and bendable. With these points of articulation, you can place the dragon in multiple positions and make it look really cool in your Game of Thrones action figure collection.

10. Funko Legacy Action: Game of Thrones Series 2 – Khal Drogo Action Figure

Funko Legacy Action_ Game of Thrones Series 2 - Khal Drogo Action Figure

This incredibly detailed action figure comes from the POP store and boasts more than 20 points of articulation, allowing you to create multiple positions for it in your Game of Thrones figure collection. The Legacy collection offers amazing variety, and this depiction of Khal Drogo makes a fine addition to it.

The paint job and the likeness of Jason Momoa are the biggest selling points of this figure. Once you take it out of the box, you will notice the fine details that the manufacturers paid attention to. It is one of the closest things to the actual actor, and it will bring a lot of life to your GoT figure collection.

The figure is 1.5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 6.5 inches high while weighing a mere 0.45 pounds. In addition, it comes with a very low price tag, and when you take a look at those beautiful and accurate details that figure delivers, you will not regret a single penny.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Game of Thrones Action Figures Online

When creating the collection of Game of Thrones action figures, you only want the best of the best, and purchasing them online might be a bit challenging since you cannot view every single detail you would like to.

These are the limitations of online shopping for pretty much any product. However, there are ways to figure out whether or not the action figure will suit you, so we created a list of some important aspects to pay attention to in the section below.

Points of Articulation

The points of articulation refer to the action figure’s ability to switch poses. The more points the figure has, the better since you will be able to change its stance and position every once in a while and refresh the look of your Game of Thrones collection.

The Price

The price is a very important aspect to consider since the prices may vary significantly on the online market. Some of the rare action figures that boast quality materials will likely cost more than common figures made of cheaper materials. Make sure to buy within your budget since some of the best figures on the market may cost a couple of hundreds of dollars.

Details and Paint Job

Before spending any money on the action figure, you should make sure that it is detailed and that it captures the likeness of the TV show character in the best possible way. Renowned manufacturers usually get face scans of the characters and create figures accordingly. The paint job is also important since it will add an even more realistic look to your figure collection.


The brand is rather important when it comes to action figures since some are more famous for delivering exceptional quality than others. Our recommendation is to opt for figures that come from McFarlane, Funko POP, or Dark Horse stores since they are well-known for the attention to detail they invest in the manufacturing process of their figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Khal Drogo Funko Game of Thrones Legacy Collection figure

Are Game of Thrones action figures safe for kids?

Yes, they are; however, if the figures have detachable pieces, you should keep them away from children since they are choking hazards. Especially be careful since they are not recommended for kids under three years of age.

Do the Game of Thrones action figures from Amazon come in original boxes?

Yes, the figures that we listed all come in genuine manufacturer’s boxes, completely sealed. Do not be fooled by the pictures that are on the product pages since some retailers place the stock pictures. These pictures are generally taken by the company for advertisement purposes.

How tall are the Game of Thrones action figures?

This entirely depends on the manufacturer and the specific product you are after. Typically the figures are between 5 and 9 inches tall, but you should check the manufacturer’s description before spending any money.

Can I switch positions of my action figure?

It depends on whether the action figure you are buying is articulated or non-articulated. Non-articulated ones cannot switch their poses, but articulated ones can. If the figure has multiple points of articulation, it means that you can switch the positions of, for example, their feet, knees, elbows, etc.

What is a “variant figure”?

A variant figure refers to paint or accessory difference from the standard version of the figure that was unintentional. Occasionally, these are manufacturing errors or glitches that happen in the factory and might be released into distribution before anyone notices the mistake.

Final Words

Collecting action figures, especially the ones from top-rated TV shows such as Game of Thrones, can be lots of fun and an interesting hobby. These collections can become more valuable over time, so it is also a hobby that can pay off if you ever decide to sell your rare pieces.

We hope you enjoyed our buying guide and that it was informative enough to help you make an educated choice when purchasing Game of Thrones action figures. Make sure always to read customer reviews and ratings and to seek second opinions from other buyers. By doing so, you will ensure a quality purchase and get the best possible product for your money’s worth.

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