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The best bobble head figures, bobble head toys come in various shapes and forms. There are so many options that you can pick from, such as N/C, NECA, LPSXIE, POP, and many more. You can even customize them and create them to your liking.

These adorable figures and toys can be a great accessory for your car, workspace, or bedroom. They are so versatile that you can store them anywhere you like without occupying too much space.

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But which one to choose? Well, we have done a thorough research and came up with a list of some of the most popular bobblehead toys you can find in today’s market, and we would like to share it with you. So, without further delay, let us get into it.

List of Best Bobble Head Figures, Bobble Head Toys

1. Funko Pop! Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda with Frog

Funko Pop! Star Wars_ The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda with Frog

Coming from the Pop store, this bobblehead of Baby Yoda is a part of The Mandalorian collection, and it is one of the most popular products in this category on Amazon. What makes this toy stand out from the crowd is its flexibility and how well its head actually bobbles.

The product arrives in a high-quality box and is well-protected from any type of physical damage. The figure represents Grogu from the Disney + show The Mandalorian in the scene when he keeps eating frogs, and it captures Groug’s likeness in great detail.

This stylized bobblehead figure stands 3.25 inches tall and can fit any regular pop case collector. It is a fantastic addition for any bobblehead fan or Star Wars fan. Very cool figure that comes with a low price tag, and you should definitely check it out.

2. MANYI Michael Jordan Bulls Bobbleheads Action Figure 5″ Collectible Figurine

MANYI Michael Jordan Bulls Bobbleheads Action Figure 5″ Collectible Figurine

This bobblehead toy captures the likeness of iconic NBA legend Michael Jordan. The product comes from the Manyi Premium Products store and is made of natural resin. Right out of the box, you can see that the figure is carefully made with great attention to detail.

The material used in the manufacturing process is non-toxic and quite durable, so the figurine is bound to last for a long time, even if it accidentally takes some beating. It is compact, easy to store, and a great addition for any basketball fan or bobblehead collecting enthusiast.

The bobblehead bears a huge resemblance to the real MJ, and if you are a Bulls fan, you will not be disappointed in the quality and details this figure delivers. The product stands at 13 5.5 cm in height, which is perfect for your collectibles shelf or your car. The quality is great, and it is a real bargain for the price the toy comes with.

3. Loot Crate Exclusive Vault Boy Bobble Head Fallout 4

Loot Crate Exclusive Vault Boy Bobble Head Fallout 4

This bobblehead is an absolute must-have for every Fallout game fan out there. It captures the likeness of the iconic Vault Boy from this post-apocalyptic game, and the product arrives in a sturdy cardboard box, protecting the figure from any physical damage.

This smiling Wasteland poster kid is around 5 inches tall and accurately represents the beloved figure from the Fallout series. It is an inexpensive piece that you should definitely add to your gaming collection of bobbleheads. The coloring is superb, and it looks great on collectibles shelf, car, or bedroom.

The figure is not based on some of the figures you can find in the game, but it certainly looks the part. With the hands-on-hips and a carefree smile from ear to ear, it looks great and is made of top-notch materials. The toy looks very sturdy, and the bobblehead is very stiff. It is a product that you should check out, especially if you are a fan of the game.

4. Funko Marvel: Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure

Funko Marvel_ Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure

Standing at 4 ½ inches, this dancing Groot bobblehead figure is absolutely adorable and a must-have collectible for Marvel fans. The detailing and coloring on this toy are very impressive, and when you consider that it comes for a mere 24 dollars, it is a real bargain.

The figure is very cute and is a part of the Avengers collection that comes from the Funko store. It is a little top-heavy, and the flower pot in which baby Groot stands in could be a bit more weighted for balance purposes. Other than that, it is beautifully crafted, and you can see multiple tiny details that make this figure truly authentic.

The toy does not dance on its own, and it functions the same as any other bobblehead. The Dancing Groot is a reference to the movie scene where he dances in the flower pot during the credits. It is a great addition to any bobblehead collection, especially for Avengers fans.

5. YGMONER Solar Dancing Toy Animated Bobble Dancer Car Decor (Cactus)

YGMONER Solar Dancing Toy Animated Bobble Dancer Car Decor (Cactus)

Coming from the Ygmoner store, this cute dancing cactus toy is made of high-quality ABS plastic and comes alongside a solar panel that powers its dancing. All you need to do is place the figure on a bright sunny surface and watch it dance.

The product comes with a patch which you can use to place it on the dashboard in your car, where it will be exposed to sunlight and dance all the time. Everything works exactly as it should, and when the cactus dances, you can hear a slight tinker sound.

The coloring is excellent, and all the tiny details on the figure are well-made. Moreover, the toy comes with a very low price tag, so you can make a fine collection of dancing animals from this Ygmoner series for a low cost.

6. FunKo 6218 Pop! Star Wars, BB-8, Bobble-Head Figures

FunKo 6218 Pop! Star Wars, BB-8, Bobble-Head Figures

This bobblehead figure accurately represents the look of the popular droid BB-8, which was introduced first in Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens. The product comes in white/orange color and is entirely made of vinyl, weighing 113 grams.

The toy has very little “spring action,” which is actually pretty good for a bobblehead figure of this size. The black-colored base is detachable, and you can place the figure on your desk without it since its bottom is flat. The torso of the toy looks and feels weighty, which is pretty good and a testament to the quality.

The paint job is done great, and the details look awesome. The whole Star Wars collection from the Funko store looks truly amazing, and if you are a collector, this piece is a must-have addition. Another great thing about the product is that it comes at a fairly low price, so give this item a chance whenever you decide to extend your bobblehead collection.

7. Royal Bobbles Ghostbusters Afterlife Mini-Pufts Smores Bobblehead

Royal Bobbles Ghostbusters Afterlife Mini-Pufts Smores Bobblehead

This collectible bobblehead toy accurately captures adorable and menacing Mini Pufts from the Ghostbusters Afterlife movie. The figure is made with great attention to detail, and the motion makes like these little guys are giggling, which is very cute and works pretty well.

The figure is weighty, and even the back of it looks really well done, which is often a great sign of quality. The coloring looks stunning, and each bobblehead comes in a printed collector’s box that is well-protected from physical damage. The product is made of weighty polyresin, which is a testament to overall quality.

These mischief monsters are an exceptional addition to any bobblehead collection, and they come with an affordable price tag. Right out of the box, you can see that the product is crafted with care, so you can place it in your car, collection shelf, or any other place you see fit.

8. Royal Bobbles Breaking Bad Walter White Bobblehead

Royal Bobbles Breaking Bad Walter White Bobblehead

Coming from the Royal Bobbles store, this bobblehead piece captures the likeness of Walter White in great detail and is a product that every Breaking Bad fan should check out. This local high school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine kingpin is one of the most iconic TV figures of our generation, and this bobblehead is another symbol of his popularity.

The figure is made of quality materials and great care for details which is expected from a renowned manufacturer such as Royal Bubbles. This bobblehead is constructed using premium-quality heavyweight polyresin, and it is around 8 inches tall.

What is really impressive about this figure is that it is incredibly detailed, and the paint job is jaw-dropping, as if you have your own Heisenberg in the room, since the head accurately depicts the facial features of Bryan Cranston. Moreover, when you consider the quality that you are getting, the price seems symbolic.

9. Funko 35519 POP Bobble: Star Wars: Darth Vader Electronic

Funko 35519 POP Bobble_ Star Wars_ Darth Vader Electronic

This bobblehead toy comes from the Pop store, and it depicts one of the most iconic and most recognizable villains of all time, Darth Vader. Once you push the bobblehead, his lightsaber will light up, and you will hear his famous breathing sound.

This figure is a part of a broad Star Wars bobblehead collection from the Pop store, and the quality and the attention to detail are truly amazing. The toy is powered by batteries, and the paint job and details are on point.

The one thing that you should do when you take the product out of the box is to remove the plastic film that stands between the battery and the mechanism that is supposed to be in contact with the battery; otherwise, it will not work. If you are a Star Wars bobblehead collector, you should not pass up the opportunity to get the most iconic one, especially for such an affordable price.

10. WOW! PODS Avengers Collection – Spider-Man Superhero Light-Up Bobble-Head Figure

WOW! PODS Avengers Collection – Spider-Man Superhero Light-Up Bobble-Head Figure

Coming from the Wow! Pods store, this bobblehead figure is a part of their extensive Avengers collection, and it depicts one of the most popular superheroes of all time, Spider-Man. Pods in which the figure comes in light up, so if you decide to purchase the whole collection, it will make a great wall decoration.

The lights can stay lit, and there is an on and off button; however, it is set to turn off after a certain period automatically. The product is powered by triple-A batteries, and the lights light up when the sensor detects motion.

The figure itself is very cute, well-made, and the paint job looks really good. It is sturdy, weighty, and offers great value for the money. The product arrived very fast and looked exactly like it is shown in the picture. It is a great addition to every Marvel bobblehead collection, and if you are a fan, you should definitely check it out.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Bobble Head Figures, Bobble Head Toys

Things to Consider When Purchasing Bobble Head Figures, Bobble Head Toys

There is no reason not to love bobbleheads. They are adorable accessories to any bookshelf, desk, car, or bedroom and are a bit different than action figure toys. These toys symbolize your love for a certain brand, pop culture icon, TV show, or movie character. They are also a cute gift for your loved ones for special occasions.

However, picking the right figure might be a daunting task since there are some tiny details you should pay attention to when shopping. In order to help you with this, we have assembled a brief list of guidelines to follow to get the best value for your money’s worth.

1. Size

The size of the bobblehead is an important factor to consider when shopping. It is essential to figure out where do you want to place this toy before spending any money. If you have a substantial collection of bobbleheads, the size is very important since you will likely be storing them next to each other.

2. Materials

Things to Consider When Purchasing Bobble Head Figures, Bobble Head Toys Materials

Another important factor to think about when purchasing a bobblehead toy is the materials from which it is made. The materials will determine the overall quality and sturdiness of the product and the beating the figure can take. They also dictate the flexibility and functionality of the toy, so choose accordingly.

3. Paint

The coloring of the bobblehead is important to take into consideration. Poorly colored bobbleheads are usually low in quality, and this negatively affects the overall visual appearance of the toy. A bad paint job will make the colors fade away, so make sure to buy the bobblehead from a trustworthy and reliable supplier.

4. Uniqueness

Things to Consider When Purchasing Bobble Head Figures, Bobble Head Toys Uniqueness

Many collectors around the globe spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on unique bobbleheads. If you want to start your own collection, do the research, and look for rare pieces that will become even more valuable over time.

5. Design and Additional Features

Since bobbleheads come in various shapes and forms, you should pay attention to ones that offer different and unique features.

There are figures that start moving around or dancing when exposed to sunlight, or the ones that are powered with batteries and produce sounds and lights. If you like bobbleheads that do something more than bounce their heads when you touch them, look for products that offer some additional special features.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Best Bobble Head Figures Bobble Head Toys

1. Can I make a custom bobblehead figure?

Yes, you can. There are certain manufacturers that can make a bobblehead according to face scans. The technology in this department has advanced over the years, so the manufacturers that make these bobbleheads can easily capture custom face likeness.

2. Are bobblehead figures expansive?

This entirely depends on the rarity of the figure you want to purchase and the materials used in the manufacturing process. The models that are designed based on pop culture characters are typically inexpensive, and you can find them on Amazon for quite affordable prices.

3. What materials are best for manufacturing bobblehead toys?

The sturdier the material is, the better. These figures are something that you can drop accidentally, so it is important that the material is top-notch in quality. The most common materials used in the manufacturing process of these figures are Polyresin, Sculpey (PVC resin), or vinyl.

4. Are bobbleheads hollow?

Yes, the bobbleheads are hollow inside, and they have a spring that connects the head to the figure’s body. This spring is loose, so while the figurine stands upright, it moves around and brings a bobble effect.

5. What type of artwork do I need to make a bobblehead figure?

You will need hand sketches and photos in jpg, pdf, ai, or some similar format. It is best to provide images from all sides of the head to make the head more accurate to the model’s likeness.

6. How long does it take to make a bobblehead figure?

It depends on the manufacturer, but typically it takes between seven and ten days to make an unpainted clay sample and another three to five days to paint that sample.

Final Words

Collecting bobblehead figures and toys is an entertaining and rewarding hobby, but these products can also be cute and heartfelt gifts for your loved ones. They are also cool-looking and can fit great on your collection shelf or any place where you can sit back and enjoy their adorable appearance.

We hope you like our list of top picks. Although there are so many more on today’s market, we strived toward picking something for everyone and picking something that will suit different budget limitations. If you are uncertain which one to pick, go down memory lane, and try to remember the iconic characters you always loved, and you will surely find its bobblehead counterpart.